True quality Tv didnt exist before the Sopranos (Stepinwall).....the milennial wave of (cable-driven) revolutionary dramas.

Hill Street Blues (NBC 1981-1987)....ensemble dramas
St Elsewhere (NBC 1982-1988)

Cheers ((NBC 1982-1993)....sitcom but first one where episodes NOT self-contained.
Miami Vice (NBC1984-1989)...MTV cops
Wiseguy (CBS 1987-1990)
Twin Peaks (ABC 1990-1991)....+Lynch
Homicide: Life on the Street( NBC 1993-1999)???
NYPD Blue (ABC 1993-2005)
The X-Files (1993-2002) ....not sy fy but  “a cop show where weird things happen”

ER (NBC 1994-2009)  32million per week, 48 million  1episode
ER hospital drama by genre, action movie by style